as if dreams are saleable real estate

1979-2015 (ongoing)

digital inkjet prints, currently 44 A4 documents

1,500 cm x 3,000 cm

as if dreams are saleable real estate, gallery view 2015, detail

as if dreams are saleable real estate is a work informed by fantasy, cultural obsession and social engineering. Our cultural fixation with bricks and mortar, a drive to archive the moments of life, and real estate advertisements drawn by the C19th composer, Erik Satie, are elements that coalesce to shape this work of ten esplanade houses and my family home. Documentation occurred in 1979, 1999, 2003, 2015 and is ongoing.

This work has been shown in the following exhibitions:

Model Urban, Manningham Art Gallery, curated by Davey Warnoch, 2015

Patterns of Desire, Span Galleries, 2006

New Social Commentaries, Warrnambool Art Gallery, 2006.

Ground Cover, Bendigo Art Gallery, curated by Leanne Fitzgibbon, 2005