(Untitled) Colours of the Kitchen Cabinet


transformed and dismembered wooden cabinet (circa 1940), canvas, metal fittings, marine ply, foam padding, Perspex, vinyl type, single channel sound work

dimensions variable

Sound work: vocals Moira Smiley, April Guthrie, and Abigail Nessen-Bengson of Moira Smiley & VOCO (sound work consists of ingeniously vocalised shopping lists from the artist’s archive of list books)

Sound Engineer: Mark Wheaton, Catasonic Studios, Los Angeles, recorded February 2012

Photography: John Best

IN-Grained: works in wood (exposed and disguised) 2003-2012

Curator: Peta Heffernan, architect

Carnegie Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania

13 July-12 August 2012