Lately my diet has become a trifle monotonous


three timbers, tin alphabet cookie cutters

126 cm x 150cm x 56 cm

Photography: John Best and James McArdle

Fabricator: Bill Miller

Colours of the Kitchen Cabinet

Monash Art Design Architecture Gallery (MADA)

7 April-25 April 2003

This altar-like structure evokes memories of kitchens and recipes past and time lost in domestic rituals. Recipes spelt out in tin rookie cutters were taken from my mothers’ CWA Cookbooks circa 1955.

The title, Lately my diet has become a trifle monotonous, was taken from a comment Virginia Woolf made in essays written, October 1928. The full text is now known as ‘A Room of One’s Own’. In these essays, Woolf implores young women to fight for the time and the right to be personally creative rather than submitting to a defined life of service to husband, family and house.