Mothership (aberration)

2006 – 2012

Huon Pine, synthetic turf, readymades

104 cm x 120 cm x 357 cm

Photography: Michael Baker

Mothership (aberration) with its ‘army’ of ready-mades seems orderly and controlled, suggesting balance and comfort, completeness and contentment. But does resentment swell? Does chaos beckon? Is the ideal of domestic life and suburban planning hiding despair or longing? 

Peter Poulet, artist and NSW Government Architect, excerpt from catalogue essay.

Patterns of Desire

Span Galleries, Melbourne

4 April-29 April 2006


IN-Grained: works in wood (exposed and disguised) 2003-2012

Curator: Peta Heffernan, architect

Carnegie Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania

13 July-12 August 2012