She had many offers of marriage #1


pre-loved and deconstructed birdcages, lighting, sound, video

dimensions variable

Screen graphics: Jason Briede

Photography: John Best

In the magnificent, gloomy, derelict, upstairs room of the Old Bendigo Post Office Honeywill has created an environment where the edges of reality and fiction blur.

Each ‘offer’ in she had many offers of marriage, is represented in a metaphorical sense by a repeated symbol that conflates comfort, domesticity, safety, and confinement. Each offer is an exquisite enticement, an amalgam of whispered compliments and promises. But there is much to consider. Offers pile up for consideration while a video work brims with incomprehensible text hinting at the examination of each proposal. Occasionally the text is interrupted by a synthetic voice that intones – the offer of marriage has not been accepted.

Post Office Installation Series, Historic Castlemaine Post Office

Historic Castlemaine State Festival

2 April-10 April 2005